About Us

At the Main Enterprises Shop With a skill and a strong conviction for a bright future, Louis Oppedisano set off for America in the early 1900’s, opening his first “tin shop” in Southwestern Connecticut in 1919. The lineage of successes attributed to these character traits has found its way through three generations and almost 100 years to current CEO Kenneth J. Oppedisano.

By staying ahead of the curve, applying new technologies and refusing complacency, Main Enterprises has emerged as one of Connecticut’s largest major mechanical contracting companies. Our company is much like the product that it sells: a diverse array of moving parts orchestrated to simultaneously produce an intended end result with the utmost efficiency.

The benefits of partnering with Main Enterprises include our ability to offer and directly control a myriad of in-house services such as a 24-hour service department, a sheet metal and mechanical pipe fabrication facility, our design/build engineering staff and an expert installation group. These services are supported by knowledgeable back-office management staff who coordinate and provide world-class customer service.

Longevity, stability, quality, fairness and morality is why
working with Main Enterprises creates “Better Business Climates”

The Main Enterprises Shop In addition, the [eco]Logical + Incentive Division maximizes our customers' investments by investigating energy-efficient alternatives and applying all available state, federal and utility rebates and incentives through energy-efficient alternatives like geothermal and fuel cells.

Synergistically working together, we determine and deliver the most cost-effective, energy-efficient system tailored to each customer’s needs, professionally and properly installed. Through our many experiences and years of involvement in credible completed projects, our specialty is working with and meeting our customer’s needs. Beginning at the design process through the offering of ongoing maintenance plans, we are completely immersed and engaged. Through the design, engineering and installation of all aspects of HVAC, plumbing and fire protections systems, our coordination of trade is impeccable, and that translates directly into savings.