Pipe Fabrication

Pipe Fabrication Through its reinvention efforts and intuitive nature to bring the maximum level of service to our clients, Main Enterprises, Inc. has evolved into pipe fabrication. From the very earliest of days, we have spent time and countless efforts perfecting our internal manufacturing systems beginning with sheet metal and transferring that knowledge and expertise to the piping arena.

It is some of the work that we are best known for where we have established ourselves as a multi-faceted fabricator, from HVAC to even process plant applications. Through our pipe fabrication expertise, we have become one of the premier fabricators of weld pipe, plastics, specialty stainless work, iron and grooved mechanical piping products. From 2.5” to 16”, our fabrication facility employs a skilled workforce comprised of welders, burners, cutters, and mechanical fitters.

Advanced manufacturing processes within Main Enterprises, Inc. exemplify our ability to manufacture and assemble piping systems in HVAC situations and process environments from liquid to chemical and even cement. The construction environment and piping process rely on many steps and materials for their completion. Pipe fabrication development at Main Enterprises, Inc. requires a high degree of precision and accuracy to ensure that a superior quality product is produced. Our technically certified professional welders and fabricators construct the piping assemblies using only the latest modern techniques and equipment. All of our work is “custom made” according to the construction or customers' tolerance.

The fabrication process involves a number of operations such as sawing, drilling and flame cutting at very high temperatures. For each of these procedures, specialized machinery such as plasma and torch cutting equipment are used to cut piping. All the procedures are designed to save time and improve the quality of product produced by increased accuracy. Our work force allows for predominantly local employees where hands-on experience, combined with a history of fabrication expertise, offers numerous benefits to our clients.

The flow of our shop is incomparable to industry competitors, Our plant has undergone a second and prepared for even a third expansion. There is plenty of lifting capacity, but our effectiveness is based on the flow and “systematic efficiency” we have derived from our pioneers in fabrication on the sheet metal side. There are work stations fully equipped with all the tools and welding equipment, while the entire flow is controlled from an overhead crane. Construction and assembly of mechanical and piping systems demands experienced teams where our key deliverables exemplify our ability to self-perform work of many types. This allows for the customer to take advantage of economies of scale where we, as one firm, can complete many tasks all under one roof.

Our products and projects are completed on a foundation of quality. What we fabricate will withstand the tests of time through planning, execution, installation and inspection during the entire product life cycle. We use only top quality raw materials during the fabrication process and follow strict procedures to provide that confidence to our customers. Whether your project requires weld pipe, threaded or grooved, from steel to stainless, plastic and other specialty metals, Main Enterprises, Inc. is commissioned to critically align the Company with the customer’s operational objectives to achieve accuracy and excellence. Our sole purpose is to meet your goals but to exceed your expectations.