The goal of any mechanical installation system is to provide proper air flow, heating, cooling or water flow to each facility, room, or occupancy. Quality systems provide for certain criteria to be met whereby key design and installation considerations are important for attaining this goal. We at Main Enterprises, Inc. take great pride in ensuring the quality of our workmanship and installations right down to the last piece of equipment or fixture we commission.

The Cooling Towers at GPS Our ductwork is laid out in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations by licensed mechanics that undergo a rigorous 4-year apprenticeship for each specific discipline. Equipment and ductwork are installed in accordance with the International Mechanical Code, SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association) and/or International Plumbing Code as a guideline for performing work in industrial, commercial and institutional environments. We specialize in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, industrial sheet metal, kitchen equipment installation, specialty stainless steel work, manufacturing, service and energy management.

We incorporate all facets of the Mechanical Contracting industry including but not limited to duct construction and installation to plumbing, process piping and even medical gas installations. All our systems are commissioned by fully experienced, licensed technicians backed by a myriad of specialties geared towards their respective area of expertise.

In addition, systems are tested and inspected to ensure compliance, accuracy and to meet the demanding quality standards set forth by Main Enterprises, Inc. All of our ductwork is sealed ensuring an airtight system following the SMACNA Air Duct Leakage criteria where we use nothing but the highest grade metals for fabrication at a minimum of 24ga. We place such importance to the joints in the duct system ensuring all air is delivered to each appropriate space so that the overall system will operate at its highest potential efficiency, eliminating needlessly wasted energy.

The Cooling Towers at GPS At Main Enterprises Inc. we realize that it is critical to know the expectations of the project and more importantly, to get to know the customer. After all, these are the people we will be interacting with over the long term not only to keep mechanical systems up and running properly but to take care of any necessary repairs going forward. Maintenance of a mechanical system is very much like a relationship whereby both require upkeep and maintenance. We get to know our customers to provide top-rate service and view it from their perspective not just on a job-by-job or case-by-case basis. We want them to be aware of our qualifications and track record to substantiate their decision-making process to feel a level of comfort in contracting with Main Enterprises, Inc. as their mechanical contractor of choice.

Each project we are awarded undergoes a stringent pre-installation meeting with the estimating, project management and installation team to provide for the best possible start on a project. At that meeting there are many items discussed including but not limited to scope, timeframe, performance requirements, lead times, and quality. We are a results-oriented company, not to mention focused on exceeding the client’s expectations. Following the pre-installation meeting, a client follow-up is executed to ensure that our goals are equally aligned. During this meeting all items are clarified and go through a “shake out” process designed to efficiently approach the project with minimal downtime due to confusion.

The installation team then hits the ground running, and we take care of everything, managing every aspect of the project to close-out. We select the most appropriate personnel suited for the job at hand and formulate the best course of action specializing in either occupied spaces or new construction to meet the challenges of maintaining a clean and safe workplace at all times. Upon completion of the project and during the close-out phase, we have yet another dedicated department specifically geared towards working with the project management and installation teams in conjunction with the installers to verify and test all work to guarantee that it was installed to specification and to the best industry standards. Our in-depth operator training also guarantees that the customer will maximize their investment with all the appropriate operation and maintenance manuals which are distributed in hard copy and on CD-ROM for ease of accessibility and longevity in resource.

Mechanical installation is a complex and intricate venture involving a network of resources and expertise to bring to life a network of systems designed to keep buildings at full utilization rates. Main Enterprises, Inc. has spent over 92 years perfecting the installation techniques required in today’s fast-paced, highly technical field. Our mechanics and technical employees undergo consistent training and education, both practical and in the classroom, motivating a synergy amongst our group and the customer overall. The method that we use to perform our installations is the very philosophy with which we run our business from the very top. Driven to deliver world-class mechanical solutions that align the passion of our customers with our vision to achieve performance through a set of core values based on integrity, respect and commitment.