Sheet Metal & Ductwork

Duct Work at QU Crescent Successful projects begin with successful engineering. Main Enterprises, Inc. offers top quality sheet metal fabrication engineering where each project centers around a plan. We can make use of your existing blueprints, be they on paper or a computer CAD file, or we can design and fabricate your ductwork/products based on your requirements from the ground up. We have worked with many different companies throughout our tenure in an effort to facilitate projects of mutual benefit. We have even helped our clients design new and innovative ideas for updating existing ideas and products. While maintaining a great reputation for consistency in offering top quality engineering, our production results to customers promise the highest achievements in quality regardless of size.

While upholding a top notch level of performance at competitive pricing is our mantra, air quality and duct cleanliness has become equally as important. Because so much of our work involves not only the fabrication and maintenance of ductwork and air transportation systems, we continue to transform our manufacturing processes to uphold the same level of craftsmanship and professionalism our customers have come to know and trust as it relates to “clean” ductwork. Our fabrication team is trained on our quality initiatives, andone of our top priorities for duct cleanliness is for each piece to be sealed at both ends and transported under cover to the customer, ensuring proper air quality when installed.

Air quality is a critical construction component for all facilities we serve, especially the healthcare, food production and manufacturing plants, to name a few. It is what sets us apart from our competition and makes us a pioneer in our industry. We strive not only to work within the realm of our AOE (Areas of Expertise) but to expand our breadth of services to customers in an effort to adapt to the ever-changing requirements of their stakeholders. Main Enterprises, Inc. is a company designed to achieve results where our product is our performance.