HVAC, Plumbing & Process Piping

Medical Gas Piping Main Enterprises, Inc. commitment to quality, workmanship, professional service and fair pricing throughout its history has resulted in growth, expanding the business development from sheet metal fabrication and installation to include piping related to HVAC, Medical Gas, plumbing and process applications. It is innovation, skill and the latest modern technological advancements that exemplify the company’s operating philosophy.

Main Enterprises, Inc. piping installations projects run the gamut of hospitals, schools, commercial office buildings, supermarkets, retail stores, high rises, multi-story residential, assisted living and laboratories just to name a few. We offer a scope of piping installation services where our dedicated management team works together daily to schedule the necessary labor and materials in a timely fashion to adapt to any situation.

Whether it is replacing a water heater, building a high rise commercial office building or school, we have the capacity to handle large public projects while maintaining the personal interaction and follow-up required of the most intimate of private jobs. In an effort to remain on the cutting edge of technological advancements and industry trends, Main Enterprises, Inc. has also taken steps to ensure the vitality of our planet. Our environmentally friendly and energy-efficient practices help customers save water and energy through fixture change-outs and design characteristics focusing on the resolve to saving more resources.

Medical Gas Piping Another important facet of our business philosophy and a practice we find very rewarding is our medical gas installation. Medical gas systems are used in hospitals, surgery centers, physician and dental offices, clinics and nursing homes. If not properly installed, patients are at risk of contamination, fire, explosion, cross connected pipelines and other problems that may lead to injury or death. At Main Enterprises, Inc. our highly skilled, licensed, trained and certified installers undergo extensive training and continuing education so as to ensure a precise, thorough job from beginning to end.

Our seasoned plumbers/pipefitters are taught the information necessary to install medical gas and vacuum pipeline systems in occupancies, covering equipment such as compressors, vacuum pumps, valving, hangers and testing. Special brazing requirements are met for medical gas and vacuum tubing where practical training is governed by independent examination.

Our work conforms to the highest quality standards and safety requirements of the customer and regulatory agencies, all at very competitive pricing. Close attention is also paid to NFPA 99 (National Fire Protection Association) Standard For Health Care Facilities whose function is to minimize the hazards of fire, explosion and electrical failures in health care facilities that serve human beings. Being in such an important line of work and affecting so many who come in contact with our work provides an elevated level of gratification and worth for our people that we’re proud to offer such a life-saving service.

Our ability to accommodate any size project and to respond in emergency situations has allowed Main Enterprises, Inc. to offer services to our customers unlike any other. We truly devote our services to our customers and know the value of a client. Our qualified tradesmen are professional plumbers and pipefitters who assemble, install, repair and service piping systems, fixtures and equipment that carry water, gas, chemicals and other liquid in accordance with local codes and specifications. We work with piping systems, install sinks, tubs, commercial kitchens and other bathroom plumbing fixtures, including but not limited to floor drains, grease interceptors, traps and hydrants. It seems as if plumbing problems occur at the most inconvenient of times, and realizing how much of an impact it can make on your business, our plumbing service is available to meet the needs of your facility or construction project even in an emergency, day or night.

Main Enterprises, Inc. defines capability with professionalism and technical expertise through care for our work. We operate under the premise that our work is a service to the public whom we serve. Having been praised by installers and customers alike for the quality of our medical gas systems, HVAC, plumbing and process piping, we know that there is value in our work beyond the wall which covers it. Although it is typically what you see that gets judged, it’s what you don’t see that counts!