LEED & Project Commissioning

Member of the U.S. Green Building Council A recent study by CoStar Group (a leading real estate information provider in the U.S. and U.K.) compared green buildings and non-green properties of similar size, location, class, tenancy and year built, and the findings are astronomical for the green retrofit market. LEED-certified buildings sell for $171 more per square foot, command rent premiums of $11.24 per square foot and have 3.8% higher occupancy rates. EnergyStar facilities had similar findings with a $61 higher per-square-foot sale price, $2.38 higher rental fee per square foot and a 3.6% higher occupancy rate. In addition to generating increased capital from higher square-foot values, the building owner is able to realize lower operating costs. (CoStar Group – Real Estate Information, CoStar Study Finds Energy Star, LEED Buildings, Outperform Peers, March 2008)

Main Enterprises works with customers to determine if their facility would be a good candidate for LEED certification. During the preliminary stages we determine what would be the best LEED Rating System to pursue as well as which credits the property may already qualify for and which credits to seek to achieve that make the most economic sense. Main Enterprises guides the LEED-Registered project from start to finish, confirming that the project follows within the LEED guidelines for successful certification.

Building commissioning is a quality assurance process designed to ensure that building systems and equipment are designed, installed, calibrated and programmed as intended, and that they meet the needs of the building’s owner and occupants.

Commissioning is a fundamental part of the LEED rating system’s whole building approach that begins in the design phase and continues for one year after completion of construction. Based on the process developed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), the LEED commissioning process specifies that all HVAC and controls systems, ductwork and piping, renewable and alternative technologies, lighting controls and day lighting, waste heat recovery and any advanced sustainable technologies (such as solar power and thermal storage) must be commissioned in new buildings. The commissioning team at Main Enterprises is experienced and fully trained to provide both Fundamental and Enhanced LEED commissioning for their clients and are members of the Building Commissioning Association (BCxA)