Manufacturing & Fabrication

Main HVAC at MEI Our proven formula for success is based on Systematic Efficiency. It’s a philosophy for creating a sustainable business model in today’s competitive manufacturing environment, defined as a cohesive interworking of critical components working together without waste. Manufacturing, by nature, is a complex undertaking that combines the basic principles of labor, material and outside services within a shop environment to fabricate sheet metal.

Main Enterprises, Inc. has been a proven leader in adaptation of workflow to suit our operational requirements and the demands of our customer base. Efficiency starts at the management level where we are committed to adherence to refining our program of continuous improvement guided by planning.

As a company, we have retained our founding principles and standards set forth as high-quality metal fabricators. Based on such a solid foundation, Main Enterprises, Inc. has achieved growth and success attributable to highly qualified craftsmen who bring a wealth of experience and education to the company. Each fabrication team member has gone through extensive training for a minimum of 4 years, so our clients can be assured of consistency throughout our manufacturing process to the highest degree of industry standards.