Retrofitting & Energy Savings

In the United States, 38.9% of the U.S. primary energy use and 38% of all CO2 emissions are consumed by buildings.1 According to McKinsey & Company (also a client of Main Enterprises), improved building practices are some of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, often resulting in a net economic benefit.2

In response to global warming and the energy crisis, Main Enterprises has developed the [eco]Logical + Incentive Division (ELID) to target worthy energy efficiency upgrade projects. These include new construction, existing buildings, replacement equipment and repairs and aligning them with state, federal and utility incentives, credits and rebates. Since its inception at Main Enterprises, ELID has assisted its clients in receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars through rebates and incentives as well as monumental savings in ongoing reduction in energy expenses and operating costs.

The ELID approach begins with the keen eyes of our in-house professionals to identify opportunities to enhance the current mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) operations. Whether equipment is in need of replacement,is past its lifecycle, or is simply in need of service and/or adjustments, ELID will explore and offer options. Some options may include high-efficiency/performance alternatives for replacements as well as investigating other energy savings alternatives such as whole-building controls, lighting upgrades or water conservation methods. When energy efficiency projects are bundled together clients are typically able to realize greater savings and greater incentives through the federal government and local utilities. With low- or no-interest financing available through local utilities, qualified projects often use monthly energy savings to pay for the energy efficiency upgrades.