Technical Service

Service. Solutions. Solved.

Our Staff is available when you need them The service department at Main Enterprises is similar to having a full-time mechanic on staff without the full time salary. We are your solution to building occupant satisfaction 24 hours a day at a price that will keep you and your budget satisfied.

Main Enterprises’ 24-Hour Service Department offers building services from preventative maintenance and building monitoring, to repairs and replacements without ever an overtime charge. Each of our licensed and highly experienced service technicians is equipped with the technology and tools needed to solve problems quickly and efficiently to minimize any possible equipment downtime.

Providing superior customer service and efficient solutions is just the beginning. In conjunction with local utility companies, Main Enterprises is often able to have a portion of the building surveys, repairs and replacement equipment reimbursed through rebates and incentives.

With a service department that has no overtime charges, uses rebates and incentives to assist projects financially, and has over 90 years of satisfied customers, Main Enterprises could be the solution for your peace of mind.